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Rex Walker is a third generation minister and the founder and pastor of Life Spring Church in Rockwall, Texas. He and his wife, Amy, reside in Rockwall along with their two Adult Children who are both serving in ministry. 


Christ came to set us free from impossible situations.  However, many believers live life in chains, bound by tough financial situations, relationship issues, poor habits and addictions, caught in what seems to be an endless cycle of destructive behavior.  Author Rex Walker offers hope through a Biblical and systematic approach to obtaining freedom.  In 21 Days to Breakthrough each chapter reveals the importance of each of the 21 numbers and the significance each number has to your personal breakthrough.  In this dynamic book you will learn:

This book is a great guide for beginning a new year, a useful tool during a fast, or just a great way to jumpst [21 days to breakthrough] art a breakthrough to freedom in your life!